To reserve your HOOF program complete the correct Reservation Form (HOOF Mobile Farm & Tour Reservation Form | HOOF Mobile Petting Farm) and fax it to our office at 910.253.9386, scan and email to, or mail to 668 Midway Road SE, Bolivia, NC 28422 (allow 7 – 10 days for mailed forms). Please call us at 910.253.7934 for more information, or complete the bottom portion of the form to reserve a program. If the date or time you have chosen is not available, we will call you with other options to ensure we choose a time that maximizes your experience. Once your reservation has been entered into our systems, we will email you back a confirmation letter along with a Check List and other details. If you do not receive this form within 48 hours of your fax, please call us at 910.253.7934. Please allow 7 – 10 days for mailed forms.

On the day of your scheduled program, please have a representative present the Party Check List and any extra payment required.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Helpers Of Our Farm. We look forward to meeting you!

Reservations Contact:
Phone: 910.253.7934
Fax: 910.253.9386
Helpers Of Our Farm
668 Midway Road SE
Bolivia, NC 28422

As required by law, we are USDA licensed and inspected. We meet and exceed all requirements of the Animal Welfare Act. Additionally, Helpers Of Our Farm carries a commercial liability insurance policy.


Mileage Fees:
Free – First 25 miles each way
$1.50 – Per additional mile

Check your distance from our address: 668 Midway Road SE, Bolivia, NC 28422
Map Link

Cancellation Policy:
A minimum of two week notice of cancellation prior to the scheduled date is required to receive a refund. If you cancel less than 2 weeks from the scheduled date, HOOF does not reimburse but will reschedule.

Package Terms and Conditions:

  • Petting Farm Assortment: 3 – 5 live animals (depending on program)
  • Animal feeding is not available for mobile outreach programs.
  • There is no charge for set-up and clean-up time.
  • Advanced registration required and payment in full at time of booking.
  • Parties booked on major holidays are subject to a $150 surcharge.
  • Outdoor set-up requirements: A shaded, 20X20 grassy area on level ground so that fencing (if used) can be properly installed to contain the animals. Access to potable water. If requirements are not available, USDA regulations require proper shading and bedding for animals and additional fees may be incurred due to cost of added materials, time and labor:
  • Shade Tent: $75 Fee
  • Animal Bedding: $25 Fee
  • Indoor set-up requirements: A 20X20 area with access to fresh potable water for the animals. USDA regulations require proper bedding for animals, HOOF will bring a drop cloth and bedding.
  • Animal Loading/Unloading Zone: must be within 50 feet from exhibit site.
  • Provide parking for HOOF’s truck & trailer including loading/unloading zone must be a minimum area of 24’X55’.
  • Access to an electrical power source to power fans for cooling animals is required during the months of June through September.
  • HOOF reserves the right to substitute, change or not include animals for any reason- once in a while we determine that an animal is not up for handling on a particular day. Our first priority is always the health, comfort and safety of our animals.
  • HOOF reserves the right to reschedule outdoor programs in the event of inclement weather, if an indoor alternative is not available.
  • Please review our Legal and Liability Disclosures before booking.