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Who is Helpers Of Our Farm

Helpers Of Our Farm (HOOF) is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization centered around education and providing a sanctuary for rescued, donated, and in-need farm animals. HOOF’s mission is to provide continued care and a sanctuary to farm animals in need and to educate children and adults by creating lasting connections with animals and our environment through hands-on experiences. HOOF is a platform for the community to learn, grow, and volunteer.

The Story Behind HOOF

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What drives our organization?

The philosophy of Helpers Of Our Farm

Why do we use real animals? Human to animal connections have scientifically proven benefits.  Bonding, trusting and touching are just a few of the satisfying results people get from a hands-on experience with animals.  By adding substance through education HOOF is building a recipe for future advocacy, perhaps a decrease in animal abuse, and a smarter, kinder, more educated community.  We know an important step to change is community outreach.

HOOF aims to integrate education into the lives of the community through the lives of these animals. Through education and first hand experiences, visitors make lasting connections with the animals, creating animal ambassadors. By having these ambassadors in the community, they will help spread the important teachings of HOOF, which will in turn change the lives of people and animals for the better.

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