Our sanctuary is located on Greenlands Farm and we provide a beautiful and peaceful home to many animals that have never been given the opportunity to experience loving care.  Each animal is provided with shelter, clean water, and plenty of room to roam free.


Our hope is to reduce farm animal abuse, neglect, and the need for rehoming by educating the public on the reality of care and ownership responsibility.  We believe the lives other farm animals will be changed if there is more awareness of these unsuspected animals in need.  A more educated society creates smarter choices and future advocates.


The rehabilitation of animals is approached case by case.  Each animal’s basic needs for healthcare and medical treatment, nutrition and dietary needs, and careful handling and training will be met along with any individual needs on top of those.  We work with each animal to gain and grow trust and to build a healthy herd/companion environment.  Many of our animals are given “jobs” to help their mental health as well.  They are very similar to us in some ways, a working brain is a healthy brain.  Even if that just means greeting you!