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Join Helpers Of Our Farm (HOOF) for some therapeutic HOOF Farm Yoga with a baby cow and baby goats! Don’t worry if you have never done yoga: all levels of yogis are welcome! This opportunity is more about experiencing something that improves your mental and physical health. What exactly happens at HOOF Farm Yoga? An experienced instructor will lead you through a half hour yoga flow as our cute and sweet furry friends graze, snuggle, lick, or join in on poses with you. We may even have a few surprise animals to join!

Please come dressed in comfortable attire and bring your own mat or towel that you can wash afterwards. Each session is 1 hour long. 10 year olds and up are welcome to enroll for this experience with a suggested donation of $25 per guest. Sessions are limited to 20 guests and donations must be made to hold your spot.

August 21: DONATE NOW to sign up!
October 23: Sign ups available end of August

About the instructor: Erin Heyrman is a 23 year old new mom that graduated May 2020 from UNCW’s yoga program. This unique program is one of only two yoga studies minors in the country that provides students with the tools to use yoga as a tool when working with clients as physical therapists, occupational therapists, personal trainers, social workers, as teachers and more.. Through this program, Erin gained knowledge needed to teach yoga as a career.

Erin completed an internship with Helpers Of Our Farm in 2019 and has been a wonderful addition and volunteer during and since her internship. She loves nature, animals, HOOF, and showing people how fun and restorative yoga can be! We are so glad Erin is a part of the HOOF Volunteer Team.

To make sure you get the most out of your HOOF experience, please read the following important information.

□ Please park at 604 Midway Road SE at our “Farm Car Park” in the grassy lot. We will meet you at the brown barn-style building at the front of the property (668 Midway Road SE). Wait for us there. For your safety, please do not wander. If you need assistance please call Maud at 704.701.3856.
□ Please arrive on time for your session.

□ HOOF reserves the right to substitute, change or not include an animal for any reason- once in a while we determine that an animal is not up for handling on a particular day. Our first priority is always the health, comfort and safety of our animals.
□ HOOF reserves the right to reschedule outdoor programs in the event of inclement weather.
□ Animal feeding is not available for any HOOF program.
□ This HOOF experience if for guests of 10 and older (10 -15 year-olds with adult).

Although we will go over these rules with guests, please be aware of rules before your session. 

  1. DO NOT pick up, sit on, hit, be mean, poke, scare, or scream at the animals at any time.
  2. DO NOT feed the animals.
  3. No food or beverages allowed in the enclosed barnyard area. 
  4. DO NOT let your child put their hands in their mouth after petting an animal. 
  5. Keep your child’s/children’s hands and feet out of the mouths of the animals.
  6. DO NOT climb any fence.
  7. No barefoot or open toed shoes allowed inside the enclosed barnyard area (with the exception of HOOF Farm Yoga).
  8. Sanitize your hands before petting and immediately after petting. (See warning below) 
  9. If you get scratched or bit, from a surface or an animal, please notify us immediately.
  10. Keep the gate closed after entering and upon leaving enclosed barnyard area so no animals escape.

These rules are in place for everyone’s safety.  We take a no tolerance stance on them.  If you do not cooperate, your session will end and you will be asked to leave. 

There are some diseases and parasites that can be spread from animals to humans. The risk of infection through petting farm animals may be prevented by following everyday good hand hygiene measures. Therefore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that children and adults should wash and/or sanitize their hands immediately after touching the animals at any petting zoo.

Heightened precautions should be applied to high-risk groups: Children under age five, people with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women fall in the category of high-risk for serious infection, and hence should strictly follow all the precautions enforced in the animal contact area.  If you prefer to wear gloves or shoe covers, please ask for a pair.