Welcome to Helpers Of Our Farm (or HOOF for short)! We are a nonprofit that strives to dig into the roots of our community by providing hands on learning experiences that connect people to learning through farm animals and our environment. The animals of HOOF play a very special role in our education of kindness, science, and animal welfare as many of them are rescued, adopted, or re-homed with HOOF. Greenlands Farm, the farmland that houses HOOF’s Educational Farm Animal Sanctuary is unique in that it is a sustainable homestead farm where we extend our education to sustainable practices that can be taken home with our guests to apply to their life and others to influence choices for the future of our environment.

We aim to make an impact that will change the lives of those we teach and change the lives of animals and the course of the health of our environment. Our hearts beat strong at HOOF for our goals!

Mission Statement

Helpers Of Our Farm (HOOF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization centered around education, enriching the lives of the community with hands on learning and therapeutic experiences. HOOF’s mission is to provide intriguing educational programs and therapeutic programs through farm animals, many of which have been rescued, rehomed, adopted, and donated. With the help of these animals and Greenlands Farm, HOOF teaches homesteading, environmental science, animal science, and animal welfare. HOOF’s hope is to create a better world for animals and the environment through knowledge. HOOF is a platform for the community to learn, grow, and volunteer.


Maud Kelley, President
Helpers Of Our Farm

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Email: helper@hoofnc.org


Helpers Of Our Farm, HOOF, is a nonprofit organization centered around education and providing sanctuary for rescued, donated, and in-need farm animals. We are “Helpers of Our Farm” not only because these animals depend on humans to help them, but also because these animals help us by teaching us how to love, care, and learn from them. They perform an important task of educating visitors during our tours, petting farm, and farm classes. The goal has always been to integrate education into the lives of our community through the lives of these animals. HOOF employs an interactive petting farm, farm tours, and mobile farm tours as educational platforms. HOOF believes our educational core sets us apart from other farm animal sanctuaries. Helpers Of Our Farm provides education to the North Carolina regions of Southern Coastal, Southern Coastal Plain, Central Piedmont, and Southern Piedmont, but is open to any visitors from around the country. Our educational programs and rescue animals reach children and adults of all ages, walks of life, health, and special needs.

Areas of Focus

HOOF offers various education programs that are implemented during their farm tours and mobile farm programs. Some topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Farm Animals
    • Science
    • Animal welfare (care)
    • Kindness
    • Ownership responsibility
  • Habitats
    • Pasture rotation
    • Safety
    • Best practices
  • Sustainable living
    • Recycling
    • Composting
    • Vermiculture
  • Low Impact Development (LID)
  • Organic Farming
  • Predator/prey relationships


Helpers Of Our Farm offers programs to our community that support the success of the farm animal sanctuary.

A unique outdoor classroom experience on at the farm animal sanctuary

The HOOF educational team (animals and volunteers) travel off the farm to teach

HOOF animals travel to bring fun and joy to parties off the farm

Farm parties hosted at the sanctuary include up-close encounters with the HOOF animals

Our community is invited to be a part of our farm through many different volunteer positions

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